Written By: Matthew Rodrigopulle

 The National Basketball Youth Mentorship Program (NBYMP) Foundation announced on Tuesday that it has partnered with Edmonton-based basketball program, GOOD Hoops.

The NBYMP Foundation is a registered charity in Canada that provides youth with free academic tutoring services from qualified teachers and free academic grants and funding for their current and future schooling. In partnership with professional athletes, youth sporting organizations and various colleges across Canada, the NBYMP Foundation strives to help youth meet their academic demands.

GOOD Hoops is a grassroots basketball program built on the premise of creating opportunities through the sport of basketball. They offer programming for athletes aged five and older, including club teams, tournaments and camps for boys and girls.

The NBYMP will be uniting with GOOD Hoops to create the “GOOD Hoops Education Fund,” a fund that will reward selected athletes at GOOD Hoops with grants and scholarships for their future post-secondary schooling.

“We are extremely excited to be partnering with such a positive and well-respected organization in GOOD Hoops,” said Kevin Wilson, founder of the NBYMP Foundation. “Sunny and his incredible staff continue to work daily to improve the lives of youth basketball athletes in Alberta. Through this partnership, we aim to compliment everything that GOOD Hoops is doing and hope to assist young athletes in Edmonton with their current and future academic demands.”

Donors can donate to the new GOOD Hoops Education Fund through the NBYMP Foundation, and will receive an electronic charitable tax receipt from the NBYMP Foundation. Keeping in line with the NBYMP Foundation’s goal to advance education for youth, the NBYMP Foundation will issue all proceeds to selected recipients based on specific criteria established by both the NBYMP Foundation and GOOD Hoops. 

“NBYMP will provide GOOD Hoops support in areas where it is not readily available,” GOOD Hoops founder Sunny Sooch said. “NBYMP and GOOD Hoops share the same ideals and vision for our athletes; to empower them to have success beyond the game. With access to tutoring services, mentorship and the establishment of our Education Fund, this partnership allows us to do more for our youth.”

Sooch says GOOD Hoops serves a vast demographic of athletes in their community with many different socio-economic and cultural backgrounds. He hopes this partnership and fund will help support those who need it to pursue high level academics.

Both monetary donations and gifts of securities (stocks and mutual funds) can easily be accepted through the GOOD Hoops Education Fund.

There will be options to donate to the GOOD Hoops Education Fund on both websites below. Stay tuned!