Written By: Matthew Rodrigopulle

The NBYMP Foundation announced on Tuesday that it has partnered with Western Canada Prep Academy (WCPA) in Edmonton, Alberta.

The NBYMP Foundation is a registered charity in Canada that provides youth with free academic tutoring services from qualified teachers and free academic grants and funding for their current and future schooling. In partnership with professional athletes, youth sporting organizations and various colleges across Canada, the NBYMP Foundation strives to help youth meet their academic demands.

Western Canada Prep Academy (WCPA) is a new basketball academy program created to offer athletes an opportunity to pursue post-secondary education. They will be playing their inaugural season this year with their national post-grad team and will play in a mix of regional, national and international games and showcases. They also have several athletic development partners who work with athletes on team and individual performance training.

The NBYMP will be teaming up with WCPA, becoming the foundation’s first prep team program partner. Together, they will be creating the “WCPA Education Fund,” which will reward selected athletes in the program at WCPA with grants and scholarships for their future post-secondary schooling.

“We are ecstatic to partner with Sunny and the WCPA on this initiative,” said Kevin Wilson, founder of the NBYMP. “Our missions align perfectly and we are extremely confident that this partnership will lead to much success for the young athletes both on-and-off the court. We look forward to creating academic scholarship opportunities for all athletes in the WCPA.”

Donors can donate to the new WCPA Education Fund through the NBYMP Foundation, and will receive an electronic charitable tax receipt from the NBYMP Foundation. Keeping in line with the NBYMP Foundation’s goal to advance education for youth, the NBYMP Foundation will issue all proceeds to selected recipients based on specific criteria established by both the NBYMP Foundation and WCPA

“For us, providing our athletes with the resources and support to do well in their academics is a vital part of our program,” said WCPA head coach Sunny Sooch. “We are a preparatory academy focused on preparing these young men for post secondary education, athletics and equipping them with skills and habits that will be carried forward in everyday life. This starts with us being able to support them to achieve their goals academically and see success then carry that into other facets of life.”

Sooch says the partnership with NBYMP will be beneficial for the new basketball academy program, as it allows WCPA to add another option to generate support for their athletes moving forward. Sooch also says he plans to assist the NBYMP in the future in a number of possible ways, such as mentoring and other creative methods. 

Both monetary donations and gifts of securities (stocks and mutual funds) can easily be accepted through the WCPA Education Fund. A donation form will be available on the WCPA website soon. Stay tuned!