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NBA 2K20 Tournament

Presented by The NBYMP Foundation

NBYMP Foundation NBA 2k20 Tournament flyer

NBYMP Foundation

To Register:

Step 1: Send an email to [email protected] with the athlete’s name, age, which console they will play on (eg. PS4 or Xbox), and their experience level on NBA 2K20 (beginner, average, elite). 

Step 2: Send a $25 E-Transfer payment to [email protected]. Please include the athlete’s name and age in the E-Transfer description. 

NBYMP Foundation

Additional Rules:

  • Minimum 8 people needed to run the tournament
  • 6 minute quarters
  • Guaranteed 3 games to determine playoff ranking
  • Playoffs = single-game elimination
  • Must be under 19 to join/play
  • Must live in Canada