Written By: Matthew Rodrigopulle

The National Basketball Youth Mentorship Program (NBYMP) Foundation announced on Tuesday that it has partnered with Dream Chaserzzz for a new education fund.

The NBYMP Foundation is a registered charity in Canada that provides youth with free academic tutoring services from qualified teachers and free academic grants and funding for their current and future schooling. In partnership with professional athletes, youth sporting organizations and various colleges across Canada, the NBYMP Foundation strives to help youth meet their academic demands.

Dream Chaserzzz is one of the Greater Toronto Area’s top elite basketball training academies and is listed as the most affordable. Their training philosophy is based on having a strong support system that cares for their athletes while exploring all the different facets of being a great basketball player. Their trainers are experienced and have played either college/university basketball and/or at the professional level.

The NBYMP Foundation will be teaming up with Dream Chaserzzz to create the “Live Your Dream Scholarship Fund,” which will reward selected athletes in the program with grants and scholarships for their future post-secondary schooling and aspirations.

“We are extremely excited to partner with Justin and to provide the young athletes at Dream Chaserzzz with academic scholarship opportunities,” said NBYMP founder Kevin Wilson. “Justin and his amazing staff at Dream Chaserzzz have created a safe and professional atmosphere for kids to learn and develop both on-and-off the court. We simply hope to compliment their current success and hope to leave a lasting impact on their athletes for years to come. Excited to get started!”

Donors can donate to the new Live Your Dream Scholarship Fund through the NBYMP Foundation, and will receive an electronic charitable tax receipt from the NBYMP Foundation. Keeping in line with the NBYMP Foundation’s goal to advance education for youth, the NBYMP Foundation will issue all proceeds to selected recipients based on specific criteria established by both the NBYMP Foundation and Dream Chaserzzz.

“The ‘Live Your Dream Scholarship Fund,’ will provide youth with an opportunity to attend post-secondary or start their own business,” said Justin Alliman, founder and head trainer of Dream Chaserzzz. “We live in a time where not everyone wants to attend post-secondary schooling, nor should they be forced to do so. This scholarship is for young people who have a plan for their lives, be it a business plan or an education plan. We hope to help them take the beginnings steps in the right direction towards their future.”

Alliman says education is one of the most important cornerstones for improving society and Dream Chaserzzz wants to ensure they’re doing their part in helping youth reach their full potential.

Both monetary donations and gifts of securities (stocks and mutual funds) can easily be accepted through the Live Your Dream Scholarship Fund. To donate, be sure to contact Dream Chaserzzz or the NBYMP Foundation. Donation forms will be available on both websites shortly.