NBYMP Foundation

Helping to open closed doors for our youth


How Do We Help Youth?

The NBYMP Foundation is a non-profit organization (pending charitable status) that aims to develop youth from a holistic standpoint. With a focus on academic advancement, we provide FREE academic tutoring services for youth (coming soon) along with FREE funding/grants to youth for their post-secondary schooling.

​Another major focus for us includes volunteer/community initiatives. We love giving back to the greater community and we hope to eventually do this on a global scale.

Please Note: The NBYMP Foundation is a separate organization from the National Basketball Youth Mentorship Program. For more information about the National Basketball Youth Mentorship Program, please visit: www.nbymp.ca


About Us

What We Do

The NBYMP Foundation provides FREE academic tutoring services and gives FREE funding to youth for post-secondary schooling. In addition, this foundation conducts volunteer work and values community initiatives to benefit those all around!

In the News

Feb. 21st, 2020 – NBYMP Foundation donates $1000 to Team Believe for college funding!

March 16th, 2019 – NBYMP Foundation @ Miracle Temple Ministries! Click below for more details!

Who We Are

Our team is comprised of teachers, mentors, volunteers, and leaders, all with the sole intention of positively impacting as many youth as possible. We understand the value of education and strategize on how to access the best education for youth.

Our History

The NBYMP Foundation was legally established on November 18th, 2018. In a very short time, we have directly impacted over 400 youth and adults through community service initiatives and partnered events. Continuing on this trend, our goal is to positively impact thousands over the years!



Centennial College and the Centennial Colts are grateful for the partnership with the NBYMP and the NBYMP Foundation.

Darcy Brioux

Director of Athletics at Centennial College

Would recommend any organization to bring in Kevin and his team.

Colin Jardane

President of the Brockville Blazers basketball program

This program is unique in that there is a strong emphasis on healthy development both on and off the court. The education component is comprehensive and engaging.

Kristen McCarthy-Barry


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